Paving Accessories

Building Specialties Company is a paving accessories specialist.  We are able to service contractors with our in stock paving supplies, as well as any specialty needs they may have.  Click on any highlighted material to learn more about the product.

Quikrete 80# Concrete Mix

Portland Cement

Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix

Sikagrout 212

Type S Mortar

80# Mortar Mix

All purpose Sand

Mortar and Grout

Black Expansion Joint

Curing Compound

Paving Repair


Paving Materials

Styrofoam Beadboard

Viper Vapor Barrier, 10 mil

Viper Vapor Barrier, 15 mil

6 Mil Poly

10 Mil Poly


2" Concrete Bricks

4" Concrete Bricks

Closure Bricks

Asphalt Cold Patch Repair



Mirafi 500x

Mirafi 600x

Pipe Wrap/Basket Fabric

Steel and reinforcement 

Grade 60 Rebar

Deformed Dowel Bars

Curb "U" Bars

"L" Bars

6"x12" 0/1 WWF - Highway mesh

6"x6", W2.9xW2.9 WWF - 6 Gauge

6"x6", 6/6 WWF Roll

6"x6", 10/10 WWF Roll

Assorted WWF Mesh sizes

Paving Baskets

Screed Keyway

Center Metal Keyway

Smooth Painted Dowels 

Epoxy Coated Dowels

Slab bolsters

Dowel Support stakes

Tie Wire

Lumber and Redwood

1"x4"x16' Treated Lumber

2"x4"x16' #2 Pine Lumber

2"x6"x16' #2 Pine Lumber

2"x8"x16' #2 Pine Lumber

2"x12"x16' #2 Pine Lumber

3/4"x4'x8' CDX Plywood

1/2"x12"x16' Masonite

4" True Redwood

6" True Redwood, with holes

6" True Redwood, no holes

8" True Redwood, with holes

Wood Stakes

8" True Redwood, no holes

6D Common Nails

8D Common Nails

8D Duplex Nails

16D Duplex Nails

Survey Stakes

Detectable Warning Tiles

Water Proofing

Sika Greenstreak products

Greenstreak PVC Waterstop

Greenstreak Retrofit Waterstop



Color Hardeners